Who we are

We are passionate, detail-oriented team of game developers, designers and artists offering AAA standards in game development outsourcing.

Cassagi | AAA game outsourcing studio

Martin Ostrolucky

CEO & Founder

Rudolf Herstek

3D artist & Texture Artist

Martin Demeter

Concept Artist & Texture Artist

Tomas Bencko

Game Designer & Level Designer

Tomas Buran

CG & Texture Artist

Michal Zsigmund

Environment & Texture Artist

Lukas Chrapek

Character & Texture Artist

Martin Tomas

Character artist

Peter Duch

Marketing Consultant

tomas rybnicky

Tomas Rybnicky


Bolek H


Boris B

3D artist

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Our vision

Success story

While working on titles such as Star Wars Legion, Hell Let Loose and Theatre VR, we have validated our deliveries to meet the AAA standards in game development outsourcing. We are adamant on using the latest technologies, and we keep an agile attitude while working closely with our clients.

Beyond horizons

Our vision is to create long-term professional partnerships with worldwide studios and help them shape the future of realistic digital production for games and movies. 

Our social goal is to achieve this while supporting our home, Košice, to provide young people with better and more accessible


opportunities in the game development industry. A great talent rests in Košice, and we believe that we can help bring it out to the world and to help them become the best in the industry.

We offer a full range of outsourcing services from photorealistic 3D high-res/low-res modelling, UV Layout, Asset/Environment optimisation, PBR texturing. Our speciality is creating photorealistic 3D models based solely on a photograph or a blueprint with not more than a 2 % deviation from the original. We also specialise in Unity and Unreal engine 4 with a strong focus on PC and VR.

See our selected projects and let our work speak for ourselves.

Selected clients

Our expectations were not just met - they were exceeded - and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Max Rea | Black Matter Studio

3D assets are perfect. Amazing job!

Tomáš Brož | PFX