Description: Facing a VR challenge We love challenges; whether it's a simple model lacking in quality sources or a mirror-like copy of a something grandeur⁠—very much like Mahen Theatre in Brno. We had a rare opportunity to work on this project with a living legend of the gaming industry, Jindrich Skeldal. Humble beginnings We had photos, video recordings and blueprints to begin working on a life-like digital version of the entire interiors and scenery. The level of details was astonishing: from the eclecticism of the architecture to statues and such. A greenfield project Our scope of delivery was simple: everything. From HP and LP models, UV layout, texturing up to look dev directly in Unity. The biggest challenge was the technical optimisation of the scenery due to the poly budget and the number of textures. The entire process was like a game of chess; we had to be thinking in advance to fit projects specifications and guarantee a smooth framerate.



Enviroment design High Poly Modeling Low Poly Modeling Mapping PBR Texturing Retopology Unity 5 VR

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