#Character art #Weapon art #Grooming #UE5 #Game asset

Team size

3 Artists

Project duration

4 months


The Werebear project started as Cassagi’s internat project to demonstrate skills of our Character artists to the clients and gaming community. It is an AAA realistic-looking, game-ready, playable character creature.

The concept art stage was rather challenging due to the lack of materials we could use for inspiration. The goal was to find the right balance between man and wild bear.The creature should have fantasy features while retaining its realistic look.

UE 5 was a clear choice as we took into consideration its advanced Lumen and Alembic grooming technology. Take a closer look at the fur, which consists of millions of fibres of different sizes and lengths which we wanted to be well simulated in real-time to react to the body movement.

This project is still under development, so stay tuned for updates!

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