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With Cassagi, you get a partner who has a stable team of experienced and passionate game developers, designers and artists. Our devotion to details, the quality of outputs, respecting agreed deadlines and meeting your expectations is hardcoded in our core.

Utilising our skills & specialisations


We design, create and animate what starts as an idea, and we bring props, characters and environments into digital life. Or we can handcraft the life-like copy with the highest detail accuracy improving your asset's quality tenfold.


Our experienced senior Unity and UE4 team will follow your vision perfectly, creating the envisioned game world. We can help with PC and VR development, level design, programming, writing unique shaders, optimisation, HDRP, and look development.


As your game development partner, we can help with planning and managing the work, game design documentation, defining the art style, executing production, and post-release support. We can cover everything or supplement your production team as needed.

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Our reputation

Deliver on time, on budget and to the high-quality bar

Martin and the team at Cassagi have been working with us for some months now and have quickly established themselves as a highly trusted partner. They deliver on time, on budget and to the high-quality bar we have set them – while maintaining good communications and project management at all stages of the work. I can’t say much more, other than we will be definitely be using their expert services again.

Roger Barnett span | Dovetail games | Train Sim World 2

Incredible attention to detail

The work of Cassagi has been instrumental in achieving the look we wanted for our miniatures line. I am extremely grateful to Martin and his team for their talent and incredible attention to detail. It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Cassa.

Joe Olson | FFG | Star Wars Legion

Expectations were exceeded

Our expectations were not just met - they were exceeded - and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Max Rea | Black Matter Studio | Hell Let Loose

Fully professional and pro-active

I've enjoyed cooperation with Cassagi and will gladly continue on more assets in the future. Their approach was fully professional, frequent pro-active communication while working on game assets. Result matched perfectly the game art style and was quickly delivered.

Jan Zelený | Mashinky

High-quality standards

Working with Cassagi was constructive and enjoyable in every way. Our models were always created with great care and attention to detail.

Because of their high-quality standards, fair price and proactive communication, Cassagi will remain an important supplier of high-quality 3D assets for us in the future.

Gian Andri Bezzola | Staay